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Carbon Audits
Carbon Reporting
Carbon Neutral Shipping
Sustainability Plans & Training

Carbon Audits, Carbon Reporting, Carbon Neutral Shipping, Sustainability Plans & Training

 GreenWay Miles provides four main services to Logistics Industry Companies:  

1.  Carbon Audits
2.  Carbon Reporting
3.  Carbon Neutral Shipping
4.  Sustainability Plans & Training

Carbon Audits:  GreenWay Miles provides comprehensive Scope 1 and Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas Protocol compliant Carbon Audits.  Member companies use our annual carbon audits to baseline, monitor, improve and report their carbon footprint.  

Carbon Reporting: 
Combining audit results with same period operating data, we provide our trucking company members carbon footprint reporting on a 'Tendered Mile' basis; the most meaningful format for their shippers.

Carbon Neutral Shipping:  
Our Grams of Carbon/Tendered Mile certification enables member trucking companies to offer shippers carbon neutral shipping.   GreenWay Miles provides the audits and carbon offsets that allow any carrier, regardless of size, to offer shippers carbon neutral shipping.

Sustainability Plans & Training: 
GreenWay Miles helps clients develop formal sustainability plans to guide emission reduction efforts.  We also offer Driver Sustainability Training that provides truck drivers a basic education on global warming, greenhouse gases, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions associated with operating a truck and explains the activities they can perform to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

To learn more about any of these services, visit the appropriate link provided in the gray box (above - left).

GreenWay Miles provides the services needed to report and reduce your Carbon Footprint


HomeServicesHow It WorksProgram BenefitsLearning CenterAuditing Your CarbonAbout UsContact