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How It Works

It's Easy to be Green

Carbon Audits

  1. Carbon Audits begin with a discussion about what solutions you want to offer your customers.  Metrics from audit results are formatted to best meet the needs of our clients and their shippers.  For example, a trucking company may want both a Total Carbon Footprint for all shippers and a Location-Specific Footprint for a dedicated operation or warehouse.
  2. Once needs are determined, GreenWay Miles provides each client with a list of required information needed to perform the audit.  The type of information required is dependent on each client's operation (fleet operating vs. non-fleet operating for example).
  3. All of the required information can be emailed or snail-mailed to our offices.  No on-site visits are required.
  4. After reviewing the information, we discuss with your appointed representatives any questions we may have about the information supplied.
  5. Once all of our questions are answered and we are confident that we have the most accurate information available, we do the emissions calculations necessary to complete the audit.  All of our calculations are compliant with the strict standards of Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
  6. Completed Carbon Audits are certified by GreenWay Miles and reviewed with the client.  A GreenWay Miles Certificate of Carbon Audit is issued with each audit.
  7. In many cases, first time audits lack some of the information required simply because a client did not have a need to collect a certain type of information in the past.  No need to worry.  GreenWay Miles can still complete the audit using industry standard assumptions where needed.  To improve future audit integrity, GreenWay Miles reviews with each client the data collection activities they should be practicing.  

Carbon Reporting

  1. Metrics provided by each Carbon Audit are formatted to meet the needs of individual clients and their shippers.
  2. In the case of single location non-fleet operating companies (a warehouse for example), a Total Company Carbon Footprint metric may be all that is needed.
  3. In the case of fleet operating companies, several metrics are provided including Total Company, Individual Fleet, Total Fleet, Individual Facility and Total Facility Carbon Footprints.  The individual fleet and facility footprints provide excellent metrics for base lining and monitoring emission reduction activities.
  4. In all cases, fleet operating companies are provided certification of their Total Grams of Carbon/Tendered Mile calculation.  This metric is the most desired format for shippers since they track the number of miles tendered to each carrier.  The Total Grams of Carbon/Tendered Mile metric is also the measure we use to calculate the cost of shipping Carbon Neutral on a per tendered mile basis.
  5. Carbon can be reported in several ways.  A copy of your GreenWay Miles Certificate of Carbon Audit can be sent to each shipper along with an overview of how to use the Total Grams of Carbon/Tendered Mile metric to calculate the impact using your services had on their footprint.  Or, with each audit, GreenWay Miles provides an excel Carbon Reporting and Carbon Neutral Cost Calculator that can be added to your company's website.
Carbon Neutral Shipping

  1. Once your Carbon Audit is complete, you have everything you need to offer Carbon Neutral Shipping.
  2. When a shipper calls to inquire about Carbon Neutral Shipping, simply notify GreenWay Miles and we'll do the work for you.
  3. Pricing is determined by bumping your GreenWay Miles Certified Total Grams of Carbon/Tendered Mile metric against current offset pricing.  Carbon offsets are often classified by various standards and we will discuss these standards with you and the various costs.  In many cases, the cost to ship carbon neutral could be $0.01/tendered mile or less.
  4. After the offsets are purchased, Certificates of Carbon Offset will be issued by the selling Carbon Offset Company.  The certificate will contain:
    • the name of the offset investment
    • your company's name
    • 'on behalf of' your shipper's name
    • the total amount of offsets purchased (in metric tons)
    • the total tendered miles offset 

Carbon Neutral Facility Operations

  1. In addition to Carbon Neutral Shipping, your GreenWay Miles Carbon Audit provides the ability to operate a facility or facilities Carbon Neutral.  This may be of particular value to non-fleet operating companies such as warehousing and logistics companies.
  2. The cost to operate a facility Carbon Neutral is calculated by using the Total Carbon Footprint metric from your GreenWay Miles Carbon Audit and bumping that against current offset pricing.
  3. In many cases, depending on facility size and energy usage, facilities can be operated Carbon Neutral for an entire year for just a few hundred dollars.
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