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Frequently Asked Questions about GreenWay Miles

I am a trucking company and a SmartWay Transport Partner.  Don’t they provide Greenhouse Gas Protocol Compliant reporting of my Carbon Footprint?


The short answer is No.  EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partner Program does an excellent job with their mission to raise industry sustainability awareness regarding fleet carbon emissions.   Each year they collect, calculate and report carrier fleet emissions based on 'like company' and 'midpoint' performance ranges.  However, Greenhouse Gas Protocol requires that facility and non-revenue equipment emissions be included in the carbon footprint calculation.

Trucking companies serious about sustainability efforts need to baseline, monitor and reduce emissions from all sources.  GreenWay Miles audits include fleet, facility and non-revenue equipment emissions to provide complete and comprehensive GhG protocol compliant Carbon Footprint reporting. 


Is Carbon Reporting mandatory?


No – at this time Carbon Reporting is not mandatory in North America however most industry experts agree that it will be in the near future.  Carbon emission reporting and regulation is much stricter in Europe and the UK.  Many large North American based companies that operate globally are already complying with those regulations and looking to bring that level of sustainability to their home country.


I operate a warehouse and don’t have any trucks.  What value does a Carbon Audit provide for me and my customers?


Carbon audits for non-fleet operating companies (NFOC) provide a lot of value.  To begin with, GreenWay Miles Carbon Audits baseline energy usage thus providing the metrics needed to reduce carbon emissions and related energy costs.  Secondly, our Carbon audits give NFOCs the ability to report carbon footprints to their customers.  Finally, since NFOCs carbon emissions are not near as large as they are at fleet operating companies, warehouses and other NFOCs can purchase annual offsets to economically provide customers carbon neutral facilities that have zero impact on their supply chain carbon footprint. 


What types of Companies can become GreenWay Miles Certified?


We offer two certification types:


1.     GreenWay Miles Certified Carrier:  for fleet operating companies such as trucking companies and railroads.   For our Carriers, two audits are performed: Fleet and Facility.  The results of those audits are combined and used for carbon footprint reporting on a per mile or per ton mile basis and to calculate a GreenWay Miles Rate Premium for Carbon Neutral Shipping.


2.      GreenWay Miles Certified Company:  for non-fleet operating companies.  Examples include: 3PLs, Logistics Companies, Warehouses, Freight Brokers, Distribution Centers, Truck Stops and Maintenance Shops.  Many GreenWay Miles Certified Companies will want to offset their carbon emissions as they only have to be concerned with Facility emissions which are relatively low and inexpensive in comparison to Fleet emissions.

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