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Carbon Audits
GreenWay Miles Carbon Audits are compliant with Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Facility Audit:
             Facility Audits calculate and combine annual carbon emissions from utility usage and service vehicle operation.  Audit results for each facility are calculated and listed separately to provide the metrics needed to monitor individual facility emission reduction performance.  Certifying facility footprints separately provides members the ability to operate select facilities on a carbon neutral basis through purchase of carbon offsets.
Fleet Audit:                 For Carrier clients (trucking companies) we audit and calculate carbon emissions from Fleet Operations.  Carriers with multiple fleet types, such as bulk operators, have the option to have each unique fleet's emissions certified separately to provide shippers fleet-specific carbon reporting.

Carbon Footprint:
      For non-fleet operating companies, the Facility Audit is their Carbon Footprint.  For trucking companies, Facility and Fleet Audits are combined to calculate their Carbon Footprint.  Trucking company audit results are also expressed in terms of Total Grams of Carbon per Tendered Mile to provide preferred format shipper carbon reporting.

Every GreenWay Miles Carbon Audit is performed within the strict standards of greenhouse gas protocol and certified by GreenWay Miles.

To view a sample carbon audit, click here:  Sample Audit
For carriers, a Carbon Footprint includes both Fleet and Facility CO2 Emissions
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